Psychological support

We attend to maintaining the good psychological health of the elderly, and encourage their participation in discussion groups, as well as the entertainment events that are organized regularly.

Psychological support at Oasis nursing home

Even in the cases of elderly residents for whom moving is difficult, our staff actively promotes communication, speaking with them and listening attentively to their needs and wants.

The specialist psychologist of our facility organizes activities with the aim of promoting and developing the personal and social skills of the elderly.

Evaluations are performed in order to evaluate each resident’s capacities in terms of skills, knowledge and communication. The evaluation determines the personal profile of each individual, with the aim of creating a personalized program of care and rehabilitation. The program and the facility’s activities are adapted to the capabilities, abilities and wishes of each resident.

Indicatively, the team’s program includes:

  • Establishing time and location
  • Mentally stimulating games
  • Language skills
  • Attention and memory exercises
  • Re-learning activities
  • Deciding on, and participating in daily activities and chores
  • Staying informed about current events
  • Music and singing
  • Arts and crafts


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