Terminal Illnesses

Palliative care aims to relieve the pain and the symptoms of a terminal illness, with the aim of achieving the best possible quality of life for the patient.

Palliative care

Aside from managing symptoms, other elements of palliative care include establishing realistic goals for the support of the patient that align with their values and preferences and those of their family; the timely and constant communication between the patient and all those who are involved in their care; and finally, the psychosocial, spiritual and practical support of the patient and their family.

The homey and family-like environment of our facility, unlike the sterile and impersonal environment of a hospital, can offer the appropriate space for a person whose illness has unfortunately brought them to their end of their life.

Respect for the individuality of the patient, their values and beliefs, as well as support for the family during this difficult time are important priorities for all of the staff at our facility. Through non-invasive medical and nursing procedures, and chiefly through a sense of humanity and love, we aim to relieve pain, physical and psychological, and to offer serenity and dignity to the people who place their trust in us.

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