Cerebrovascular event

With many years of experience handling patients who have suffered cerebrovascular events, the Oasis Nursing Home can help your loved one recover and improve their daily life.

Rehabilitation treatment following a cerebrovascular event

Cerebrovascular events (strokes) are one of the main causes of long-term disability for adults. They are caused by failures of the vascular system of the brain, either due to infarction or hemorrhage. Risk factors include arterial hypertension, diabetes, atrial fibrillation, aneurysms, etc. A serious cerebrovascular event can be fatal. But in many cases the patient survives with a degree of disability that depends on the area affected by the event, and other factors.

Survivors of even severe cerebrovascular events and their families can find solutions at Oasis nursing home. Here we approach each problem with patience, persistence and creativity in order to alleviate patients’ symptoms, address the problems they face in their daily lives and, chiefly, to restore their mobility and functioning to the greatest degree possible. Timely rehabilitation can sometimes restore their capacities to a significant degree.

Rapid recovery

There is still much we do not know about how the brain counteracts the injury caused by a stroke. In some cases, the cells of the brain may only temporarily be rendered inactive, without being destroyed, and their function may be restored over time. In other cases, the brain may reorganize its operation, with one region of the brain ‘taking over’ for another part that has been affected by the event. Survivors of cerebrovascular events often exhibit significant levels of recovery in their capabilities in a way that cannot be explained.

In general terms, evidence shows that of survivors of cerebrovascular events:

  • 10% recover fully
  • 25% recover with minor issues
  • 40% are left with medium to severe disabilities that require special care
  • 10% require care in a nursing home
  • 15% die shortly afterwards


Rehabilitation really begins in the hospital as soon as possible following the cerebrovascular event. For patients who are clinically stable, recovery can begin a few days following the cerebrovascular event, and should continue following discharge from the hospital.

Depending on the severity of the injury, the options for rehabilitation include:

  • A rehabilitation facility with personalized care and hospital-level treatment.
  • A care home which offers treatment and specialized care such as Oasis.
  • A return of the patient to their home under observation from medical professionals
  • The long-term goal of rehabilitation is to improve the functioning of the patient in order for them to become as independent as possible. This needs to happen in a way that maintains the dignity of the patient, and which encourages them to relearn basic skills that may have become impaired – skills such as eating, dressing and walking.
  • In order for us to help you achieve your goals following a cerebrovascular event, Oasis has an experienced nursing staff, a specialized medical team and partnerships with physiotherapists, speech therapists and other medical professionals who will formulate and propose the optimal solution regarding your needs.

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