Nursing care

At our facility, every guest is unique, and we seek to meet their specific needs.

Nursing care at Oasis nursing home

We respond with love to their wishes, and with respect to their personalities. Smiles, compassion and the human touch from our staff will make them feel comfortable right away.

The daily contact with the nursing staff forms relationships of trust and familiarity, creating a pleasant, family atmosphere which assists in making stays pleasant. That is very important for residents who suffer from dementia, where the stability of the environment is important.

Our long experience, specialized staff and dedication to providing high-quality services make our facility the right choice for the care of your loved one. The 24-hour nursing presence and care ensures a comfortable and safe stay, as well as the correct and timely administering of medications and detection of potential health problems.

At our facility we implement simple, as well as advanced nursing techniques, such as administering intravenous fluids and antibiotics, treating bedsores, handling patients with gastric feeding tubes, treating injuries, inserting and changing urinary catheters, etc. This allows unnecessary hospital transfers to be avoided.


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