The Oasis nursing home offers home-style cuisine that is prepared with skill and with top-quality ingredients by our cooks. Three balanced meals are offered per day, as well as drinks and snacks in between.

The Oasis nursing home offers balanced diet

Our menu, which has been designed to be healthy, nutritious and tasty, follows a four-week rotation with very few elements that are repeated.

It is based on the principles of the Mediterranean diet. Every day, two options are provided for the main meal, which is served at midday. With prior arrangement, the cook can prepare an alternative option if neither of the two choices is desired.

A specialized dietary plan is prepared for patients with various conditions, such as diabetes. Care is also taken to ensure the proper functioning of the gastro-intestinal system; as such, all meals are rich in dietary fiber.

Where required, members of staff assist with administering food. For patients with neurological or other conditions that render swallowing difficult, a consultation will be arranged with a specialist speech therapist who will assess the level of difficulty in swallowing. When obtaining nutrition by mouth is not possible, food is administered via feeding tubes (gastric feeding tube / nasogastric feeding tube).

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