Parkinson’s Disease

At the Oasis nursing home, our many years of experience in treating patients with degenerative neurological diseases and mobility issues means that we have a comprehensive approach when it comes to patients with Parkinson’s disease.

Approach to patients with Parkinson’s disease

The areas of the home are suitably designed to be as safe as possible, with non-slip surfaces, handrails and specially designed bathrooms.

The 24-hour nursing presence and care ensures a comfortable and safe stay, as well as that the necessary medicines are taken at the correct time and dosage. Regular assessment by the facility’s physician together with the input of the specialist neurologist when necessary ensures that the disease’s progression is continually monitored and its symptoms combated.

The Oasis nursing home offers physiotherapy, as well as the ability to take simple exercise in the halls, balconies and gardens of the facility, or using static bikes.

The facility’s psychologist plays an active role in supporting group and personal activities and exercises that are beneficial to psychological health.

The home-style cooking made with top-quality ingredients offers a well-balanced diet rooted in the principles of Mediterranean cuisine.

Problems with swallowing can be countered with the assistance of the speech therapist, and in more severe cases a gastric feeding tube can be inserted for the safe feeding of patients with Parkinson’s disease.

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