Rooms & Amenities in Oasis

In our facility each room is unique, and we invite you to visit us in order to find the space that fits your needs, and for you to experience the warmth and family feel of Oasis.

Rooms & Amenities

Oasis offers the possibility of long-term stays, as well as stays for a few weeks in brightly-lit single, double and triple rooms, depending on your needs and desires. Each room has its own bathroom, balcony, telephone and TV. The décor of the rooms is discreet and tasteful, but we encourage you to bring personal items with sentimental value, such as framed photographs or furniture. Doing so assists elderly guests settle in to the new space

The Oasis building was constructed in line with the permits and specifications issued by the Ministry of Health, with the goal of ensuring the safety and comfort of its residents. The building has air conditioning and central heating, and hot water is always available, ensuring a comfortable stay. It is surrounded by a pretty and well-tended garden with wheelchair-friendly walking paths. There are three living areas and a dining area, as well as large verandas accessible from every room.

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The facilities of the Oasis nursing home also include modern fire detection and fire extinguishing equipment, non-slip floors, handrails and bathrooms specially designed for individuals with disabilities, offering residents and personnel high levels of safety. The Oasis building has a homey feel. In order to prevent unwanted exiting of the facility by elderly residents, special systems requiring codes are used in order to discreetly achieve this goal, without however creating the sense of living in an institution or clinic.

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